“We wanted to capture the energy and excitement of adventure... The defining moments that shaped us into who we are.”

We craft bags and apparel for self proclaimed adventurers. Whether it's travelling across the world, exploring the city or racing down the slopes, Bowhurst stands up to the demands of your adventures.

Bowhurst fulfils a long standing dream - to craft stylish products that stand up to the demands of adventure. No technical Mumbo Jumbo.

Inspired by our British heritage.

Our design studio is located in the heart of Bermondsey, London, an area famous for it’s leather and textiles production since medieval times. Our designs are timeless classics reinvented for the modern adventurer.

Quality is key to everything we do - From hand crafted backpacks to hand polished metal hardware.

We are craftsmen at heart.


For some, adventure is racing down the slopes, for others it’s all about discovering new people and places. For Bowhurst, adventure is anything that forces you out of your comfort zone and into that wonderful place where all of your best experiences in life occur. We exist to inspire adventure.

Where exactly is that zone?

Right here.

Optimum zone

Through the Bowhurst Club, you can get involved in adventures across the globe with local guides. Then there’s our ambassadors. They are inspirational adventurers dispersed across the globe. We share their knowledge and stories in the hope that one day, it will inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

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